Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Specialist
At his practice, Intermountain Spine and Orthopedic in Twin Falls and Southeast Idaho, Dr. David Christensen performs minimally invasive spine surgeries including decompression and discectomies, artificial discs, and fusions.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Q & A

What Are Discectomies and Decompression?

A discectomy is a procedure used to remove part of a spinal disc that is damaged. This procedure is often performed when the damaged disc is causing nerve pain that extends down one or both legs. A decompression is a surgical procedure used to remove bone or soft tissue compressing the contents of the spinal canal. Some patients require a combination of the two procedures to repair their spines and provide relief from back pain. Back pain is a common complaint among Americans and it often causes radiant pain and other issues in the legs and arms. These minimally invasive procedures are effective ways of addressing some back issues. Dr. Christensen has had substantial training and experience in delivering these procedures and his patients benefit from his expertise.

What Makes These Procedures Minimally Invasive?

Discectomies and decompressions are performed with specially designed instruments that fit through small tubes or retractors inserted at the location of the surgery that allows Dr. Christensen to perform these procedures through just a few small incisions. While still performed with the patient under general anesthesia, a minimally invasive procedure is quicker and provides better recovery outcomes for patients.

What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

These procedures provide most patients with a significant improvement in leg pain. With minimally invasive procedures, patients spend much less time in the hospital than with traditional open surgeries. Recovery takes less time, which allows patients return back to normal activities more quickly. There is a reduced risk of infection and significantly less scarring than with an open surgery. Whenever possible, Dr. Christensen recommends a minimally invasive procedure because of the benefits to the patient and the improved patient outcomes. Patients can resume normal activities more quickly and get back to a more pain-free life.

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